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Ottawa Public Library and Bibliotheca complete first stage of RFID installation

North America’s largest bilingual (English and French) public library system, Ottawa Public Library (OPL), has announced the completion of the first phase of its RFID project this month with the RFID tagging of the system’s entire library collection.

Commencing in May 2012, the project entailed tagging (converting) OPL’s entire collection of over 2 million items from barcode to RFID technology using Bibliotheca’s smartstation™ 700 mobile tagging units, and has seen a team of 12 ‘taggers’ and one team leader work endlessly across OPL’s 33 branches (together with two bookmobiles and a central materials handling center) to ensure that each item was tagged and prepared for the next stage of the installation.

To mark this occasion OPL and Bibliotheca held a small celebratory event recognizing the hard work and efforts paid by those involved in the tagging project and acknowledging the significant milestone the Library has achieved.

Craig Ginther, Manager at OPL, commented: "This is a major milestone in our move to implement RFID at Ottawa Public Library. Having our collection completely tagged lays the groundwork for successful branch roll-outs in the years ahead. Bibliotheca has been a model of dedication and professionalism on this project over the past nine months, and we appreciate the support they provided throughout."

Darin Currie, Bibliotheca Canada SVP General Manager, added: “We are grateful that Ottawa Public Library has chosen to put their trust in Bibliotheca for their RFID rollout, and pleased at how smoothly the tagging of the system has gone. Through extensive collaboration with both management and staff at Ottawa Public Library, we were able to tag the entire collection ahead of schedule.”

Bibliotheca implemented self-checkout and staff solutions at OPL’s Hazeldean branch, which was the pilot for the project, and with tagging now complete, OPL can concentrate on the next phase of the project, which will see full RFID technology implemented in their Emerald Plaza, Alta Vista and Nepean Centrepointe branches.

About Bibliotheca
Formed from the merger of three of the biggest library technology companies in the world to combine knowledge, expertise and market intelligence, Bibliotheca is now the largest company dedicated to the development, deployment and support of RFID, EM/RFID hybrid and barcode-based library solutions. With offices in eleven countries and distribution partnerships in over thirty-five others, we are proud to hold over 4,000 unique library customers with a deployed equipment range of 20,000 items, which includes nearly 6,000 self-checkout kiosks and over 400 automated materials handling (AMH) systems. We develop solutions that facilitate and enhance library operations. Together with libraries, we implement the best functioning, easiest to use, most cost efficient self-service and automation systems available.

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