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cloudLibrary™ now integrated into Spydus LMS catalogue

Library users at Fairfield City Open Libraries and City of Melbourne Libraries will now experience true e-content integration

Browsing and borrowing eBooks is about to get a lot easier for patrons in Australia. With the Spydus Library Management System and cloudLibrary eBook Lending Service, patrons can now seamlessly search one catalogue for all titles the Library owns, whether physical or digital. Civica and bibliotheca are pleased to announce that the Spydus catalogue integration is now live at Fairfield City Open Libraries and City of Melbourne Libraries.

This integrated service allows patrons to discover, borrow and place holds on eBooks without ever leaving the Spydus library catalogue. eBook hold notifications will come directly from the catalogue, using the notification preferences the library patrons have already selected. Patrons will be able to see their eBook account information in the same view they see all of the physical items, and can even remove a hold right from the library catalogue.

Because cloudLibrary is truly integrated in Spydus, librarians are able to automatically receive catalogue records in real time as titles are purchased from bibliotheca, without manually having to import MARC files. All circulation reports will reflect the digital circulation, which provides librarians with a more complete picture of circulation at the library.

Fairfield City Open Libraries and City of Melbourne Libraries are the first libraries in Australia to go live with this integration. We are excited to offer a seamless process, making it very easy to borrow eBooks without having to “go” outside the catalogue” said Thuy Nguyen, Programs Coordinator, Fairfield City Open Libraries. “The eBook appears on the cloudLibrary app in no time at all, ready for the library user to read.”

Libraries want to allow users to search and browse both their physical and digital collections within a single, comprehensive catalogue. Additionally, they would like to allow users to place holds, borrow items, view availability, manage fines and receive communications without having to visit separate websites. Both of these requirements are satisfied by the cloudLibrary’s Application Programming Interface (API) suite, which has the ability to integrate with the Spydus LMS.

“Librarians need to offer their communities convenient, easy access to all of their resources, including eBooks. Unfortunately, until now, that hasn’t been possible,” said Marc Nolan, Managing Director, Libraries for Civica. “We’re proud to announce a fully integrated eBook system for libraries in Australia, thanks to the hard work of bibliotheca, Civica, and the Library staff at both Fairfield City Open Libraries and City of Melbourne Libraries. Collaboratively, we worked quickly to develop a working solution that fulfills the needs of both patrons and librarians.”

“Through discoveryTerminals, eBooks are now really “visible” in our libraries for the first time, making the promotion of eBooks that much easier” said Paul Scully, Manager Library Cities, Fairfield City Open Libraries. “What’s more, it is so easy and simple to use! From a librarian’s point-of-view, cloudLibrary has a sophisticated backend which makes selecting, purchasing and managing items really easy. We love the shelves’ facility that lets us highlight our collections in any way that we want. Our customers also benefit from a magical experience. They just need to download the cloudLibrary app, follow three simple steps and are borrowing books with just two clicks. Another great feature allows our customers to suggest titles to us, which helps better shape the collection to the community’s interests.”

“cloudLibrary boasts high ranking reviews by Library users across the world, with it’s easy-to-use platform, growing catalogue, and outstanding user experience,” said Tom Mercer, Director of Digital Products at bibliotheca. “With the launch of our Spydus LMS integration, it’s time for more Australian libraries to upgrade their existing eLending system to cloudLibrary and provide their users with the best digital reading experience.”

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