the world’s leading eBook and audiobook solution,
designed to be accessible to library users wherever they want to read or listen

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Introducing cloudLibrary™

The world’s leading eBook and audiobook solution, cloudLibrary is designed to be accessible to library users wherever they want to read or listen. It boasts the best cross-platform user experience, offering intuitive browsing, downloading, reading, and listening and is the only platform that can integrate fully with self-service kiosks and discovery stations inside your library. Take a tour of our feature-rich solution to understand every aspect of how you can engage with your users and keep them coming back for more.

Why choose cloudLibrary:

  • Extremely simple sign-up and sign-in process
  • Achieve more circulation from your digital titles
  • Deliver an outstanding user experience
  • Attract new digital users from within your library
  • Powerful tools for collection development
  • Marketing tools and support to help promote your digital collection

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extremely simple sign-up and sign-in process
Leverage your existing LMS database
We utilise your existing LMS for all sign-up and sign-in transactions, meaning that if users currently have a library card then they can immediately access cloudLibrary and start downloading content

Apply LMS rules for digital borrowing
Any age or content restrictions specified in your LMS will automatically apply to the library users' digital browsing experience without the need for additional staff interaction

No separate account required
cloudLibrary doesn’t require a separate account, so the process is quick and painless for your library users

No private data is held on our systems about your users
All user-sensitive information is held within your LMS, not in our systems, allowing you to retain control of your library data and provide peace of mind to your users
achieve more circulation from your digital titles
Numbers from our existing customers prove that cloudLibrary delivers more circulations per title than any other digitial lending platform available. Our in-house collection development team works closely with our libraries to ensure that content is relevant to your community and promoted extensively to the right people.

We understand the value in providing the right content for your library and its users, which is why all the titles in cloudLibrary are sourced directly from UK publishers. When you commit to purchasing a title from the cloudLibrary collection you can be sure you’re going to receive the genuine UK edition. Book jacket cover data, synopsis and reader reviews are all specific to the edition of the title, which is a small but important detail.

Find out how hundreds of libraries are boosing their circulation by adding cloudLibrary:

deliver an outstanding user experience
download digital content from multiple devices and various app stores
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