Intelligent RFID shelf makes returns quick & easy

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returned items available immediately

Our intelligent RFID shelving system makes returning library items quick and easy for users while also creating a “lucky day” collection. 

Library users can return their items by simply placing them on the shelves. The intelligent shelves will update user accounts and set item security, making items ready for circulation use by other users. This makes for an interesting place library users can browse, serendipitously finding items that other users just returned.

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quick & easy

perfect return systems for smaller spaces and budgets

The smartShelf is a cost effective return system that is ideal for libraries that wish to automate the returns process, but do not have a lot of space for an Automated Materials Handling (AMH) system. With its small form factor, smartShelf can utilize the space you have available and can include shelves ideal for magazines, CDs and DVS, or small and large books. Because every library is unique, we offer this solution as component based shelving and provide 3D drawings and specifications so your library can build its own custom return area.

user accounts immediately updated within ILS/LMS

Using RFID antennas integrated into shelving, the smartShelf immediately identifies returned items, automatically enables the security and removes the item from the user’s account. This ensures users can immediately check out new materials and the returned items are put back into circulation instantaneously.

increase circulation and awareness of your collection

Without the time needed for staff processing, the smartShelf allows your items to be circulated more efficiently and can increase the awareness of your collection, as people like to see what others are reading and returning, so having a “lucky day” collection can expose titles to your users that they may not have come across in the traditional stacks.

eliminate queues with a dedicated returns area

Without having to wait, multiple patrons can return items simultaneously. Once items are placed on the shelf, smartShelf automates the rest of the process. By continuously scanning the shelves to check for newly placed items, there is no need to limit the amount of items placed on the shelves at one time. This creates the ultimate convenience for those users who want to come in and start browsing for their next read right away without having to wait on return processing.

for all types of items
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    magazines + journals

    holds 4 items
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    DVDs + CDs

    holds up to 15 items
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    small + large books

    holds up to 50 items
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