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bibliotheca announces new academic-focused product range

Academic libraries around the world have trusted the Tattle-Tape™ brand to protect their collections and provide self-service to their students for over 40 years, relying on the unmatched performance, consistency and reliability that the products offer. Today, bibliotheca is delighted to announce the launch of a fantastic new self-service kiosk, brand new security gate design and a revolutionary Automated Materials Handling solution - all of which have at their core genuine Tattle-Tape™ support.

The merger of bibliotheca and 3M Library systems in 2015 brought two distinct, leading product sets together. From bibliotheca the strong design ethos and workflows from their self-service products and from 3M the powerful Tattle-Tape™ brand that has been synonymous with library security for decades. Today, bibliotheca announces the first products to appear on the market that combine these two areas of expertise into a new, innovative Tattle-Tape™ product set that will address the unique challenges that academic libraries face in securing their stock, whilst demonstrating innovation at all levels with their library.

hybrid selfCheck 1000™

Based on the flagship selfCheck 1000™ RFID kiosk, the new hybrid version takes the very best in kiosk design and workflow optimisation and adds the powerful capabilities of genuine Tattle-Tape™ activation and deactivation technology to deliver the first significant EM self-service station in over 15 years. The product features the familiar ‘V’ design, which has proven so effective in previous kiosk models, but adds a revolutionary portrait touchscreen, support for all payment options, optional return bins and the added support of RFID (operating in hybrid mode with the Tattle-Tape™). When coupled with the industry-leading quickConnect™ user interface, libraries will be able to offer the most feature-rich EM experience available for students – making borrowing and returning items as simple as possible and driving attendance to and awareness of on-campus events and programs effortless.

Tattle-Tape™ gates

Once again defining the benchmark for security in libraries, the new Tattle-Tape™ gates are the culmination of over five years of research and development, bringing 21st century aesthetics, class-leading security detection and extensive remote-configuration and diagnostic features together in a single package. These new security products are the perfect upgrade options for libraries with aging equipment, being backwards compatible with all existing systems. The products feature improved detection performance, directional detection alerting, built-in people counters (with display), configurable alarm sounds and lighting and complete connectivity back to the bibliotheca libraryConnect™ remote management platform – a package of benefits that provides the most reliable way for libraries to secure their valuable collections.

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flex AMH™

bibliotheca has provided Automated Materials Handling solutions for over 15 years, but not until today has a solution been available that truly meets the needs of the modern academic library. flex AMH™ has been completely redesigned to offer the best possible experience for students and staff, with a brand new front-end, improved sorting speeds, class-leading reliability and full support for Tattle-Tape™. The product is perfect for every-day return management, but is extremely powerful at dealing with bulk return times around pre/post-term study and exam periods.

Matthew Bellamy, Chief Commercial Officer for bibliotheca, commenting on the release, said “3M Library Systems had a strong history of working with academic libraries, with over 30 years’ history in delivering products to this market. In 2015 when the company merged to create the ‘new’ bibliotheca we made it very clear that Tattle-Tape™ was a range that would not be neglected and today we reaffirming our commitment - not only to schools, colleges and universities around the world - but additionally to the Tattle-Tape™ brand, which is the most powerful way for library to protect their valuable investments. These products are first steps in a continued program of support for this market and the security systems that they rely so heavily on – we couldn’t be more excited to be sharing them.”

Jim Hopwood, Chief Technology Officer added “We have always been committed to an ongoing R&D program for our customers, investing time and money in bringing the latest products to the library market. Our announcement today is an example of this continued investment, but with a clear focus on our Tattle-Tape™ product range.”

The new product range is available to libraries globally from today, with demonstrations already scheduled at events around the world. First deliveries to customers are scheduled to take place before the end of February.

About bibliotheca
bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of solutions that help libraries connect with users in unique ways and provide engaging experiences, allowing them to continually evolve their library services for the changing needs of their communities. Their products are designed to provide a welcoming, intuitive and seamless environment for those that use the library – wherever they choose to use it - be that at home, on the move or within the library itself.

With over 30,000 libraries as part of their family, they have installed and continue to support more than 10,000 self-service units, 6,000 security systems and over 650 Automated Materials Handling (sorter) systems. In addition, the cloudLibrary™ digital platform powers eBook and eAudiobook lending at a further 3,000 libraries.

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