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Read about some of our latest customer installations!


Harford County Public Library

Long time customer Harford County Public Library is undergoing a complete refresh of their existing security gates, originally installed in 2005. They will be replacing their existing gates with brand new smartgate™ 400 security gates in 9 of their branches. Realizing their return on investment with their original gates, Harford is making sure they keep up-to-date with the fast and increasing technology advances in the industry. Some of the newest benefits Harford will enjoy with this refresh project include a sleek and contemporary design, improved detection rates, higher visibility of alarms, energy saving features and integrated people counters. The gate refresh project follows the recent upgrade of Harford’s self-service units to smartserve™ 200 and smartserve™ 400 kiosks – once complete the library will have the latest in library security and self-service technology.


Rowan Public Library

Longstanding customer Rowan Public Library recently decided to extend its self-service offering to its patrons by converting a further two of its library branches to RFID technology. The project has started with the tagging of over 20,000 items. Once this stage has been completed the additional branches will then be installed with a range of bibliotheca products, including ten smartstation™ 200 staff workstations that allow libraries to program RFID tags as well as conduct borrowing and returning transactions, two smartserve™ 400 self-service kiosks which allow patrons to carry out their own library transactions without the need for staff assistance, and five sets of smartgate™ 400 security gates that provide anti-theft capabilities. We can’t wait to see their updated library branches once complete.


Boulder Public Library

We are thrilled to announce a new edition to the bibliotheca camp - Boulder Public Library in Colorado. Having recently decided to implement RFID technology in all of its branches, Boulder will be installing a total of eight smartserve™ 400 self-service kiosks in its libraries later this year. The new kiosks will provide patrons with the freedom to independently process their own library transactions, while also providing staff with more time to assist patrons and work on other tasks. Incorporated into the new self-service systems will also be state-of-the-art payment units that will enable patrons to pay for any fines and fees via credit card. Welcome on board Boulder Public Library!


Albany County Public Library

We would like to welcome the Albany County Library System to the bibliotheca family after it recently installed two of our smartserve™ 400 self-service kiosks and a handheld smartstock™ device in its Laramie library branch. Dubbing its new self-service kiosks as ‘employees’ and naming them Rosie and Rodney, Albany has installed the new kiosks to allow patrons to have more choice when it comes to checking out and returning their items. Albany County Public Library Director, Cindy Moore says: “The new system will expand patrons’ options and help keep a tighter, more organized collection at the library.” In addition, now that the library has fully tagged its 107,000 items with RFID security tags, staff can now conduct inventory much faster than before using our smartstock™ inventory device - or the ‘magic wand’ as Albany refers to it. The library celebrated the new additions with a patron event including refreshments, cake and giveaways. We wish Albany much success with its new additions.


Mesa County Libraries

bibliotheca is delighted to announce that Mesa County Libraries has joined our family of customers. Mesa County Libraries serves a population of 146,000 people with a main library and 7 branch locations. Mesa will be installing 7 new smartserve™ 400 kiosks and 1 automated materials handling solution. The kick off to installation will be the tagging of their collection starting in October of 2014.


Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

Last year we announced that we had been selected as the preferred vendor to undertake the RFID project for Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library in Topeka, Kansas. We are now happy to report that Topeka has completed its conversion from barcode to RFID technology and is now up and running with full self-service facilities and enhanced security solutions. Read the full story and watch a series of short videos devised by Topeka!


Mendocino County Library

We are delighted to see that Mendocino County Library is happy with its recently installed bibliotheca self-service equipment at the Ukiah Branch Library. With three smartserve™ 400 kiosks and a smartdispenser™ 200 media-dispensing system, and full training received by a bibliotheca technician, the library is able to offer its patrons the ability to check out their books and DVDs without the need for staff assistance. Director of the county library system, Mindy Kittay commented: "There are no plans to let go of anyone - We have a ton of work to do in the library and it takes a lot of staff time to develop and implement all that we want to accomplish. The new system has been a hit with patrons and staff." Interim branch manager Anne Shirako adds: "The machines are being used steadily, all day long. Now I will have time to write book reviews, help plan events and be in the stacks with the patrons."

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