Fayetteville Public Library Interview

We had the pleasure of speaking with David Johnson, Executive Director, and Lynn Yandell, IT Director of the Fayetteville Public Library in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

David is an extraordinary community leader with great insight into how you work with people and government in your area to ensure that your library is a hub in your community. Lynn is a forward-thinking technology director with an easy approach to keeping things running smoothly. We learned a great deal from speaking with David and Lynn and share this interview in hopes that you will gain ideas to take back to your library.

Population Served:


Active Library Card Holders:


Libraries within the system:




Selection of Community Classes:
  • Bee Keeping
  • Home Beer-Brewing
  • Japanese Gardening
  • Cat Tales: The Kitty Litteracy Project - for children's reading
Key tips from David:
  • Focus on the community services you want to deliver; the dollars will work themselves out once you set out your plan.
  • Create a list of priorities for what you want to provide for your community, then find what fits.
  • Involve the community in the planning of the library so everyone is invested
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