Tulsa City-County Library Interview

We had the pleasure of speaking with Gary Shaffer, C.E.O. of Tulsa City-County Library in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Gary is a dynamic leader in the library industry, and has an immense amount of knowledge on effective customer service models and best library practices. We learned a great deal from speaking with him and wanted to share his full interview, in hopes that it will be informative and help with key conversations in your library around the best way to serve your patrons.

Population Served:


Library Card Penetration:

72% of population

Libraries within the system:

24 branches


Innovative Millenium

"Names" of Self-Service Kiosks:
  • Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello & Michaelangelo
  • Alvin & Theodore
  • Kirk & Spock
Key tips from Gary:
  • Mission should be succinct and impactful, e.g. "Libraries Change Lives".
  • 80% of library patrons should be able to navigate library on their own.
  • Importance of innovation and systematic rollouts.
brochure downloads: