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academic libraries  

Libraries are an incredibly important resource within the academic campus, providing safe, welcoming and creative spaces that facilitate individual learning and the wider sharing of knowledge. More than ever, these spaces are a place to discover information, to access the latest in technology and to meet with fellow students at times that are convenient to all.

At bibliotheca, we are committed to supporting the academic library, with solutions that have been designed specifically to address the unique challenges they face. Our solutions help provide a space that is not only welcoming, but also information rich and easily accessible for all.

academic libraries

  • connect


    Provide a connection between the library and its users, wherever they happen to be, expanding its reach and role within the community.

  • engage


    Encourage interaction with the library, in unique ways, that drives participation and enhances its overall importance.

  • evolve


    Empower libraries to reinvent their offering and encourage lifelong learning today and well into the future.

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Our familiar, yet unique user experience engages your community and drives library awareness

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Protect what matters most with enhanced security

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