remoteLocker™ installations

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See how remoteLocker™ has impacted the community of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Location: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
Collection Size: 46,000 items
Annual Circulation: 101,958
Population Served: 15,400
ILS/LMS: Evergreen

“The fact that you just need power, an internet connection, and a sheltered spot worked really well for us, and the price was right. It was a good way to get into remote services. We plan to put a remoteLocker™ in at least three sites total, possibly four. We have residents of all ages using them; they’re much more convenient for people. We found that families with young children really appreciate it because it’s closer to home. It’s right in their neighborhood and it’s easy to fit into their routine.”
Cathy Simpson, CEO
Niagara on the Lake Public Library



Location: Olathe, Kansas
Collection Size: 151,589 items
Annual Circulation: 1.5 million
Population Served: 127,907
ILS/LMS: SirsiDynix Symphony

“We have two branch locations, but our remoteLocker™ effectively gives our patrons a third library location in a community center, where they’re going anyway. We even installed an iPad at the remoteLocker™ location so they can order more books for pickup right then and there. The key for us was to place our remoteLocker™ in a location we could have a partnership with, that was centrally located, and facilitated convenience for our patrons.”
Emily Baker, Library Director
Olathe Public Library



Location: Topeka, Kansas
Collection Size: 423,828 items
Annual Circulation: 2.3 million
Population Served: 179,000
ILS/LMS: Polaris

“Our remoteLocker™ users have told us how easy it is to use and how convenient it is to collect their items. The smartlocker technology, coupled with the convenient location, allows the library to provide the best service possible. That is vital for any library. Not only do we want to stay connected to our community, but we also want them to see their tax dollars at work making their lives better and providing a service that they make a conscious decision to use every day.”
Gina Millsap, Library Director
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library



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