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Bibliotheca’s cloudLibrary expands into Japanese market

CloudLibrary expands into Japanese Market. bibliotheca has partnered with TRC, the leading Japanese eBook platform, to provide English language cloudLibrary content to schools and public libraries throughout Japan.

The Japanese demand for Western titles, particularly in English, has grown exponentially due in large part to the upcoming Olympics which will be held in Tokyo. Ahead of the 2020 Summer Games, Japan has launched several initiatives aimed at teaching English to Japanese citizens. These initiatives include a revision of teaching guidelines in primary and secondary schools. As a result, many libraries have received grants to purchase English language titles.

“We chose cloudLibrary based on our longstanding positive relationship with bibliotheca and our esteem for their products and services,” says Mr. Yaguchi, TRC e-Book system business leader.

Initially, TRC will offer cloudLibrary content curated into genre and purpose packages such as Famous Japanese Authors, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Guided English Readers, and Children’s books. The plan is to expand offerings to include over 1.5 million Western titles in the near future.

TRC are now preparing that Japan libraries will have access to bibliotheca’s cloudLibrary web patron tool and access content via cloudLibrary apps in 2019.

“bibliotheca is honored to be the primary English language eContent provider for TRC,” says Tom Mercer, Director of Digital Products. “We look forward to serving the libraries of Japan as we continue to empower libraries across the globe to connect, engage, and evolve.”

About TRC

TRC was established in 1979 and is now the leading integrated library support service provider in Japan. Their major portfolio is TRC MARC crating and selling, book selling and RFID tag, EM marker attachment and library operation service as a subcontractor. TRC specializes in the library industry to help further the improvement of libraries.

About Bibliotheca

Bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and library management solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. Bibliotheca reimagines how libraries function, using integrated technology  to inspire and delight all kinds of people, wherever they are: at home, on the move, or within the library walls.

Bibliotheca employs 400 people across 21 countries, partnering with 30,000 libraries to make the library experience—physical and digital—seamless, intuitive, and inclusive.

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