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The new cloudLibrary:
a fully integrated digital content platform that puts you in control of costs

The new, beautifully integrated cloudLibrary app makes it easier than ever to offer patrons a seamless digital experience while controlling library costs. Full integration with NewsStand and biblio+ and upcoming Comics Plus integration puts hours of entertainment, including eBooks, eAudio, digital magazines, newspapers, comics, and streaming video, at patrons’ fingertips – all within one modern, intuitive app.

Best of all, our subscription-based pricing model and unique content-sharing program help keep costs under control while vastly expanding your digital collection.

All-you-can-enjoy digital content

Other vendors provide magazines, comics, and video, but cloudLibrary allows libraries to offer unlimited simultaneous access to these resources right alongside their eBook and eAudio collection, with no caps, no holds and no waits.

Offer your patrons unlimited access to more than 7,500 digital magazines and newspapers with NewsStand. Allow unlimited binging of captivating tv, movies, and all-new, exclusive Videobooks with biblio+. Provide a nearly endless supply of 20,000+ digital comics, graphic novels, and manga with Comics Plus. You choose the services that are right for your library.

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cloudLibrary’s revolutionary pricing model means you can offer patrons unlimited, simultaneous access to all kinds of digital content within one app without worrying about usage caps, overage fees, or collection curation. Predictable subscription costs eliminate surprises and put you in control of your digital spend while eliminating frustrating monthly limits for patrons.

Exponentially increase your collection with cloudLink

Whether or not you elect to add NewsStand, Comics Plus, or biblio+, cloudLibrary’s unique content sharing program, cloudLink, lets you affordably expand the breadth and depth of your eBook and eAudiobook collection, increase circulation of lesser used titles, and decrease hold times on popular materials.

Markedly different from traditional consortia, cloudLink allows libraries to share eBooks and eAudio with neighboring libraries while retaining control of the selection, purchase, presentation, and reservation of their own eContent. You still select and purchase titles that are best for your patrons and then share those titles only when they are not being used by your library members. When you buy new content, your users are prioritized and gain first access, ensuring your library budget goes to your local community. Robust reporting clearly shows who is borrowing from whom, and your library retains control over key settings such as loan and holds period and pay-per-use parameters.

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Integrate the digital and physical experience with cloudLibrary mobile checkout

cloudLibrary not only provides a stellar experience for digital content of all kinds, but it also integrates physical library activities by allowing patrons to check out physical materials right from their mobile device while in the library.

The clean user interface makes keeping track of digital receipts and account information a breeze, while event promotions and library reminders drive increased patron engagement.

Mobile checkout makes the cloudLibrary app relevant for print borrowers – providing convenient, touchless self-checkout while exposing new users to your digital offerings. In this way, cloudLibrary not only integrates your cloudLibrary digital content within one app, it also integrates and elevates the physical and digital library experience for all patrons.

See all the benefits of a fully integrated library ecosystem by downloading our cloudLibrary brochure.

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