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cloudLibrary + CarPlay and Android Auto: making the New Normal safer for readers 

As workers around the world begin returning to the office, the most recent release of cloudLibrary makes it easier than ever to listen to audiobooks on the go.

Audiobooks have long been the fastest growing medium in the book industry. Despite concerns that the global pandemic and decreased commuting would lead to a drop in audiobook sales, a recent report by the Audio Publisher’s Association (APA) indicates that sales increased 12% in 2020. This continues the nine-year trend of double-digit growth.

cloudLibrary’s own data shows a slight dip in listening in the early days of Covid-19, as most of the world entered lockdown and people adjusted their habits. However, recent months indicate larger than ever eAudio listening – a trend certain to continue as we all return to “normal.”

cloudLibrary’s integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows readers to listen more safely as they resume their commutes. The clean user interface displays cover art for each book on the infotainment screen, making it simple to locate the correct title at a glance. Once selected, the title begins playing wherever it left off – no need to skip through tracks searching for the right place.

With readers returning to their cars and audiobooks poised to grow by 27% annually, cloudLibrary is working to ensure we all enter the new normal as safely as possible.

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