evolving the checkout experience

Borrowing just got better. Introducing cloudLibrary modules

cloudLibrary is evolving the entire library checkout experience, going beyond just eBooks and eAudiobooks, it now includes features relevant to users who borrow print books, DVDs and more. The R&D teams at bibliotheca were challenged to improve the selfCheck experience for all users, using technology that’s in everyone’s pocket. After consulting power library users, we recognized a few common questions almost every user could use help with.

What did I borrow?
When do I need to bring it back?
barcode icon green
Where is my library card?

cloudLibrary assist

provides interactive receipts and helpful reminders for transactions that take place at a bibliotheca selfCheck

cloudLibrary checkout

a simple mobile in-app checkout experience

cloudLibrary content

easy to access and navigate digital eBooks and eAudiobooks

cloudLibrary assist selfCheck 1000 virtual library card interactive receipts
What if every library user had an assistant?
Included with every selfCheck running quickConnect, the cloudLibrary assist module extends the selfCheck experience to any library user’s smartphone. This new experience includes interactive receipts, relevant reminders and workflows to make sure you never forget a book under the sofa again.

Do you currently offer users a mobile checkout experience?
  1. For today’s independent, self-service users, the cloudLibrary checkout module offers a mobile checkout experience similar to what they might find in the retail space. Users can use their mobile devices to scan barcodes, walk through a simple checkout process and receive digital receipts. For libraries using security, users simply remove the security on their items before leaving the library and they are all set to go.

cloudLibrary checkout scan barcode complete checkout leave library
Create the best digital borrowing experience for users!
  1. cloudLibrary users can now enjoy an enhanced user interface and upgraded visual experience. We’ve taken steps to make sure the elements of cloudLibrary that users know and love are still available, while infusing new visuals, updated workflows and improved navigation to evolve the overall user experience.

cloudLibrary content library eBooks Audiobooks book detail my books section
cloudLibrary modules introduction
animated explainer video
cloudLibrary assist
quick demo with Tom Mercer
cloudLibrary checkout
quick demo with Tom Mercer
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Virtual library card embedded within the cloudLibrary app

Powerful home screen including actionable library to-do list and revelant notifications

Drive digital users to your library with physical event integration

Recruit new users with in-app library card sign up

Extremely simple sign-up and sign-in process

Never lose a physical library receipt again!

The cloudLibrary content module. Get more from your digital collection.

Deliver an exceptional experience for physical + digital library users
Reduce tech questions with simple sign up, browse and borrow
Maximize your digital library budget and share titles with other libraries
Promote and lend digital titles right from your physical selfCheck
How much more could your library do with cloudLibrary?
cloudLibrary is our eBook and audiobook solution that has been designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of both public and academic libraries. With tools to increase awareness of library programmes, cloudLibrary does much more than circulate digital content.

cloudLibrary eReader apps content
Benefits of cloudLibrary
  1. Attract new users with instant access to your digital collection
  2. Deliver the best, fully customisable library eContent lending experience
  3. Simplicity for users reduces technical service issues for staff
  4. View and save recommended digital titles from a library selfCheck
  5. Engage new users with a community outreach kiosk
  6. Promote your library brand, events and messages
cloudLibrary eReader apps content
Mandel Public Library: ease of use
cloudLibrary customer story
quickConnect + cloudLibrary:
connecting jobseekers with valuable resources
Mandel Public Library: content transfer
cloudLibrary customer story
cloudLibrary Marketing Kit
cloudLibrary marketing kit
Easily Customised marketing materials designed for libraries using cloudlLibrary to publish across multiple platforms.

Social media images, timeline images, thumbnails, selfCheck patron promos and website slider images, bookmarks, dust jackets, shelf-talkers and small business cards are all included in the kits.

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