Offer library holds pick-up and return
anywhere in the community with remoteLocker

Reach library users wherever they are with remoteLocker™

Designed to extend the coverage and accessibility of the library, remoteLocker offers users a self-service holds pick-up experience at locations and times more convenient to them. The modular system is customisable for any library or community space, while eye-catching graphic wraps help expand your library brand. Could your next library location be inside a supermarket, community centre, shopping centre or train station?

Meet busy users where they are

Catering to community members with non-traditional work hours, Toledo Lucas County Public Library extends access to holds in the lobbies of multiple branches. They provide 24/7 access to materials and focus on patron privacy and extending convenience.

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Convenient, accessible library outreach

With remoteLocker, libraries can offer convenient holds pick-up and return access for their users. Seen as technology innovators in their communities, libraries across the world are partnering with local businesses, government centers and others to extend library access.

Offer users more convenient
access to library reservations and returns

Community Centres
govt building
Civic Buildings
24/7 Lobbies
Transit Centres
Student Unions

Bringing library access to the underserved

By installing remoteLocker near a local park, Summit County Library introduced library services, including 24/7 holds pickup and item return, to a rural community which had previously never had local  library access. Partnering with local government officials and bibliotheca, Summit County continues to meet the growing needs of the thriving, diverse community.

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