Get items back on the library shelf faster than ever before with bibliotheca's return + sorting solutions

Library books should be on shelves!

Without automated return and sorting, getting returned books back on the shelf for the next borrower could take days.

Streamline the library return process and maximize efficiency with flex AMH, turning days into hours and resulting in happier readers as well as library staff.

Return multiple items at once with our intelligent book return

Library users simply drop their items and go, while flex AMH does the rest. After separating items, it checks them back in, sets the security and sorts everything nicely for staff to quickly re-shelf.

Modular solutions perfect for libraries of any size
Automatically update user accounts and security
Flexible configurations create custom solutions​
Allow for convenient
24/7 access
Handle all library materials with ease

Learn from libraries who benefit from bibliotheca return & sorting solutions

Effortlessly move library items across floors or even buildings with flex transportationSystems

For large library systems that span across multiple floors and buildings, transportation systems allow for library materials to make it back to the correct location with ease. bibliotheca return and sorting solutions integrate with two types of large book transportation systems and consult with libraries on the best approach for their unique building and logistics needs.

We integrate with Telelift to offer a flexible monorail style book transportation system.

Read how Frankfurt Public Library uses an elevator lift to transport library materials across multiple floors.

Unique return & sorting library solutions across the world​

Click through the gallery below to see libraries that have created staff efficiencies and improved
the overall library experience for users with return and sorting solutions from bibliotheca

Intelligent shelving

What is intelligent shelving?
Using RFID antennas integrated into shelving, the smartShelf immediately identifies returned items, automatically enables the security and removes the item from the user’s account.
This ensures users can immediately check out new materials and the returned items are put back into circulation instantaneously.
intelligent shelves
Immediately ready for check-out
Without having to wait, multiple patrons can return items simultaneously. Once items are placed on the shelf, smartShelf automates the rest of the process. By continuously scanning the shelves to check for newly placed items, there is no need to limit the amount of items placed on the shelves at one time. This creates the ultimate convenience for those users who want to come in and start browsing for their next read right away without having to wait on return processing.
intelligent shelves
Increase circulation + awareness
of your collection
Without the time needed for staff processing, the smartShelf allows your items to be circulated more efficiently and can increase the awareness of your collection, as people like to see what others are reading and returning, so having a “lucky day” collection can expose titles to your users that they may not have come across in the traditional stacks.
intelligent shelves
Eliminate queues

Our intelligent RFID shelving system makes returning library items quick and easy for users while displaying recently returned items for immediate checkout. Eliminating the need for staff handling, library users return items simply by placing them on the shelves where ILS/MLS records and security are automatically updated. The smartShelf can handle all types of library materials and is perfect for small libraries and high-demand collections.

smartShelf intelligent shelving
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