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cloudLibrary app release updates

What’s New in cloudLibrary?

bibliotheca is on a mission to help libraries connect, engage, and evolve. As such, we are constantly evolving our solutions to better meet the needs of our libraries and the communities they serve. We’ve been listening to customer feedback and we’re excited to share some new updates to the cloudLibrary app designed to make integrating your physical and digital library experience better than ever!

Support for Dark Mode in iOS 13

cloudLibrary now integrates fully with Dark Mode on Apple’s new iOS 13. Dark Mode allows users to navigate with much more black background, reducing eye strain, particularly in the evening.

Users Can Now Provide Direct Feedback on any Title

To quickly resolve any issue with a title in cloudLibrary content, users can now send direct feedback through a form through a link provided on the bottom of the Book Detail screen in the cloudLibrary app. This capability is a direct result of library customer feedback and should dramatically reduce time library staff spends reporting individual title issues to the cloudLibrary team.

To report an issue, users simply open the Book Detail view by tapping on the cover image. Scroll to the bottom and click the link Having trouble with this title? Select the option most relevant to your issue, provide a brief description, hit Send, and the cloudLibrary team will be on the case.

Express Collection Improvements
Patrons can now see how many days until an item in an Express Collection will be available. The Holds tab in My Books has been removed from libraries using exclusively the cloudLibrary content module for Express Collections. Libraries subscribed to the cloudLibrary assist and/or checkout modules will continue to see the Holds tab in My Books for their print materials.

If an item is not currently available, patrons will now see an option to Save/Unsave the title in all list views. If a title is saved for later, it will appear in My Books under the Saved tab.


Many libraries have asked for better ways to communicate with customers. We heard you loud and clear! Now, when a library sends out a customer message, a red icon appears on the notification centre of the home screen to alert users that there is a new message. Once read, the icon disappears.


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