cloudlibrary marketing kit

cloudLibrary marketing materials

Make sure your users know what tools they can access for free at the library

Helping libraries build awareness through marketing efforts

The bibliotheca marketing team has shared a range of cloudLibrary marketing materials to help with library marketing efforts. Each benefit of cloudLibrary has a unique set of marketing materials for libraries to use and promote. We’ve designed these in a way to ensure library users can clearly see what new digital library services are available to them.

cloudLibrary assist

Ensure users receive mobile receipts, helpful reminders and always have their library card accessible

cloudLibrary checkout

Ensure busy library users know how to checkout items directly from their smartphone

cloudLibrary content

Ensure users are aware of the digital collection you've invested in and all the benefits of the new lovable interface

All modules

Access marketing materials that are app generic, apply to all modules and encourage users to download cloudLibrary

cloudLibrary logos

We have a range of cloudLibrary logos that your library can use in customized digital and print materials

Marketing kit guide

Overwhelmed by all the great library marketing materials available? We've got a high-level guide to walk you through it all!

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