Library self-service is only convenient if it's easy​

Intuitive self-service solutions designed for library users

Not only can library users easily borrow, return, and renew items at our self-service stations, but they can discover events and programs, receive reading recommendations, and pay fines and fees. Users can also borrow items from their smartphones, receive interactive receipts, switch between multiple virtual library cards, and discover digital titles at the selfCheck and within the cloudLibrary app. This truly integrated approach delivers an experience today’s users come to expect.

quickConnect delivers the best library experience for users

Our intuitive self-service software delivers an engaging experience for library users of all ages and abilities – making borrowing and returning library items a breeze.

self service quickConnect events integration

Drive attendance to library programs and events

self-service themes screen grab

Customize your library's self-service experience with ease

self-service quickConnect patrons promo

Create promotions with
easy-to-use templates

self-service quickConnect integration

Promote your digital
collection at the selfCheck

Designed for today's library user

The selfCheck 1000 guides users through self-service transactions with ease while creating awareness of library events, programs and recommended reads.

Athy Library:
From Landmark Church to Modern Library

“The selfChecks are really pivotal in freeing up staff time here in the library. No longer are you just at a desk checking in and checking out items. You’re free to facilitate groups, clubs, workshops, and to organise and facilitate events. It makes a monumental difference!”

Laura Larkin, Athy Branch Manager

cloudLibrary checkout scan barcode complete checkout leave library

Offer quick and discrete mobile checkout

Now, library users can use their mobile devices to scan barcodes, walk through a simple checkout process, and receive digital receipts.

|  Available for RFID, EM and barcode-enabled libraries
|  Allow users to choose a checkout experience that works for them

The cloudLibrary app enhances the selfCheck experience

Included with every selfCheck running quickConnect, cloudLibrary assist extends the selfCheck experience to a user’s smartphone. This new experience includes interactive receipts, relevant reminders, and helpful workflows to make sure you never forget a book under the sofa again.

Never forget
your library card

Users can check out quickly when their virtual library card is available at all times within the app

Two iPhone UI screens colorful

interactive receipts

Allow users to keep track of their items and even renew them without needing a paper receipt or calling the library

iPhone app UI with icons

Due date alerts
and helpful checklists

Users receive helpful reminders and an organized checklist to help prepare for their return visits

Two iPhone screens with colorful lists

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selfCheck 500

Learn from libraries who benefit from bibliotheca self-service

remoteLocker at Frisco Public Library

Deliver library holds to new locations

Designed to extend the coverage and accessibility of your library service, remoteLocker offers users a self-service holds pick-up experience at locations and times more convenient for them.

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