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Success Story: Univates Library
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The Library of the University of Vale do Taquari – Univates is considered one of the most modern libraries in Brazil. Univates Library draws attention not only for its physical structure, but also for the technologies adopted by the institution that generate an impact on the routine of the library staff and on the experience of its users.

“The Univates Library was designed to be a space for study and welcoming. It was also designed to be an extremely technological library”, says Fernanda Storck Pinheiro, vice-rector and pro-dean of education, who adds that “all this makes it easier for us to attract, in a way, the students and the community. That way, they don’t feel intimidated by the technology, on the contrary, they use the space and feel welcomed.”

The Univates Library

The Library building has five floors totalling an area of 6,251.99 m². The space has three floors of collections; Front desk; lobby; lounges; collective and individual study rooms; exhibition and events area; attendance face-to-face; self-loan and self-return; reprographic service. Italso has accessibility, air conditioning, temperature control and automated luminosity and eco-efficiency.

The library has a collection of more than 67 thousand works and more than 166 thousand volumes; with a total capacity of 300 thousand books. The institution uses 100% radio frequency identification (RFID).

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In the meantime, check out the video of the customer success story below:

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