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Technology and Patron Experience: Univates Library
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Since the beginning of the technology implementation process, the immediate benefits perceived after use were remarkable, both for employees and users. The adoption of radiofrequency technology (RFID) opened doors to several solutions that provided autonomy and convenience for the user.

“Bibliotheca’s services are all integrated. At Univates Library we use the self-return, the auto loan, as RFID reader stations in such an automatic way, it is already so embedded in our daily lives, that sometimes we don’t even realise how easy it is”, highlights Monique Izoton, the institution’s librarian, who adds that “if they didn’t have these solutions, there would be queues at the counter, everything would be slower.”

The User Experience

All this has an extremely positive impact on the user experience. Student Mariana Scherer says that “at first it was quite different, arriving at Univates and seeing this library where we did everything independently. Because, before it was always through the help of other people. It improved the study a lot, I even enjoyed coming to the library.”

Technology becomes a great ally to attract and involve the surrounding community. Through it, the user gains autonomy when accessing the library and the available collection. The coordinator of Univates Library, Danusa Vicente, highlights that Bibliotheca’s solutions, “in addition to facilitating the user, the experience and the autonomy within the library spaces, for us, they also provide us with a more personalised service for each person. We were able to go to the user and pay more attention to them, their needs and not so much the materials.”

Have a Reference Library

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On the way to becoming a reference centre, arousing more user interest and delivering more value to the community, the most important thing is to take the first step.

In the meantime, check out the video that demonstrates the Univates Library user experience below:

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