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Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) Library, originally built as a simple library, needed to expand library service and upgrade library systems to meet modern demands.
Bibliotheca provided selfCheck 1000, RFID gate, workstations, and flex AMH system to help library improve circulation and the library experience.
The new hardware and software solutions have freed the University’s librarians from tedious back-office work. They now have more time to do research and focus on the needs of students and faculty.

Rumah Ilmu Library, is the central academic library at UNNES in Indonesia. The library serves 56,552 users and fulfills the information and research needs of students, lecturers, and faculty with a collection of nearly 129,000 titles.

UNNES was seeking to modernize the University’s library service. They chose Bibliotheca as a library technology partner to assist with their library development because Bibliotheca’s high-quality solutions are easy to use and meet the demands of a modern academic library.

To provide a better experience for staff and visitors alike, UNNES installed Bibliotheca’s selfCheck 1000, RFID gates, workstations, and most recently, a flex AMH system. The library was very pleased with Bibliotheca’s sales and service team. The team clearly explained the products and logistics, and provided fantastic support during and after installation, responding quickly to requests.

Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) is a high-demand library. The new automated materials handler (flex AMH) will allow the library to process returns 24 hours a day in order to better meet the needs of its users. The flex AMH is the first step in the library’s plan to implement a 24-hour book return and extension service. The library’s plans also include marketing efforts for e-journal access. At this time, the e-journal subscription is not well utilized because many would-be users do not know how to access it. The self-service and automated returns free up librarian time to work on this project.

Bibliotheca’s RFID solutions have modernized UNNES’s lending and returning processes and freed staff from tedious backroom work. Library staff now have 50% more time to work on other more valuable services such as plagiarism checks, help with scientific papers, and library-related research.


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