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Extend open hours and provide convenient library access

What is open+?

open+ is a comprehensive system that allows libraries to provide more flexible hours, making them more accessible to the community. 

Designed to complement staffed library hours, open+ can be implemented in a number of different ways to meet various library service models and integrates seamlessly with your library’s LMS/ILS. From extending access to an entire library or only a section of it, providing full self-service resources or mainly a holds pick-up area, open+ allows libraries the flexibility to extend access in the way that best meets the needs of their community and space.

With over 10 years of experience with over 750 libraries world-wide, bibliotheca is continually evolving the open+ solution, proudly innovating and leading the way for open library access.

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Learn from libraries who utilise open+ to extend access to their communities

The leadership team shares insights and  successes from the first open+ library in California

Learn how HPL is providing more equitable access to rural communities using open+

A pioneer in extending access, GCPL leadership discusses open+ expansion

Create convenient hours that work for more users within your community

Adding more open hours in the morning or evening creates a consistent and convenient schedule for your community and meets the needs of different users. 

Provide increased access
to valuable self-service resources

The library building, physical collections, public access computers, wireless internet, and research databases are all resources users can benefit from any time of the day.

Transform the access to your library for all types of users to maximise impact

Not everyone who uses the library needs the same level of assistance. With open+, libraries can design spaces that focus on access to resources that help their communities thrive.

Provide equitable library access for all types of users and communities

Rural commuters in Ontario

Busy families in California

Young professionals in Georgia

Suburban readers in Minnesota

woman browsing library shelves

Hamilton Public Library's open+ communication plan

HPL utilised open+ to expand the Freelton Branch weekly open hours from 17 to 60 – a 350% increase! The library also saw a 19% increase in overall visits within the first five months. But this didn’t happen by accident. The success of open+ hours was due, in large part, to a carefully crafted communication campaign.

Innovative global libraries that welcome their communities with open+

Newsworthy libraries extending access with open+

Arklow Library
extends opening hours

Opening hours are to double to 98 hours, from 8am until 10pm, 365 days a year.

Ventura opens to public
without staff

The newly opened branch is one of a few libraries in the USA to offer "express hours,"

Freelton branch of
Hamilton Public Library

Innovative self-serve program extends library hours in rural Hamilton

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