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libraryConnect is a free resource offered to all bibliotheca customers

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bibliotheca’s systems are designed so that almost all potential problems can be diagnosed remotely, providing the quickest and most convenient service for our customers. Plug-and-play hardware components can be easily removed and replaced, significantly reducing downtime.
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libraryConnect selfHelp
libraryConnect is a free resource offered to all bibliotheca customers. Log in to find selfHelp videos, tutorials and guides to bibliotheca equipment.
libraryConnect helpDesk portal
  1. Every bibliotheca customer can create, view and update their own support cases, view current status of service contracts and update library contacts with ease
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Get the most out of your library solutions.

The best place to access helpful information about your library solutions


Quick one-time access to support remote library sessions

Please download and install teamViewer, if requested by our helpDesk staff.


Our management system to best support libraries remotely

Download the latest module to receive the best remote support from our team

With our industry-leading service plans, you get expert repairs and maintenance along with personalized support to minimize any inconvenience for your library users.

our friendly & knowledgable staff are only a call away
reduce the downtime of your library equipment
minimize inconveniences for users and staff
eliminate unexpected
repair costs

Latest RFID tag firmware update

Access FAQs and download the update

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