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Nørre Nebel Cultural Centre: Using technology to build an engaging cultural centre and library
varde bibliotek

Varde Library wanted their new Nørre Nebel branch location to be a community hub and function as a natural gathering place
for the local community.


The library selected Bibliotheca's open+ solution to allow users maximum access to the library, selfChecks to provide intuitive self-service,
and uniFi+ to share important information with library visitors.


With Bibliotheca’s technology, Nørre Nebel is open for visits, checkouts, and returns from 7 am – 10 pm every day, leading to heavy use by both the local community and schools. uniFi+ makes it easy for library staff to create content and communicate with all visitors by broadcasting important information to every screen at the Nørre Nebel branch as well as
the main Varde Library.

Nørre Nebel Culture House and Library in Denmark is an inspiring example of how the fusion of technology and tradition can transform a library into a thriving community epicenter.  

At the core of this evolution is the deployment of Bibliotheca’s open+ access solution. By extending the library’s operating hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., the library has greatly increased user accessibility. The integration of open+ count, a discreet people-counting technology, has also empowered the library to make informed decisions based on insightful data regarding visitor footfall during staffed and unstaffed hours alike.   

Once inside the library, Bibliotheca’s selfCheck kiosks seamlessly streamline the borrowing and returning process, offering a simple and intuitive user experience. All Bibliotheca solutions are part of an integrated ecosystem that, collectively simplifies maintenance, upgrades, and user interactions. 

Additionally, both Nørre Nebel and the main library, Varde, use uniFi+, Bibliotheca’s library communications solution. This solution facilitates the broadcasting of important messages and captivating content across an array of screens – ranging from PCs to selfCheck displays and stand-alone digital signage. uniFi+ is user-friendly, making it simple for library staff to create content with text, images, and video and display it throughout the library wherever they choose.  

Kristoffer W. Rasmussen from Varde Library noted that: “The capacity to repurpose content across multiple screens is particularly helpful. Our diverse array of screens benefits from a unified content strategy, enhancing the sense of cohesion between the Main Library and its satellite branches.” 

Peter Holm Lindegaard, Varde Library Manager, knows that libraries of the future must build a bridge between the digital and analogue world in order to remain relevant to their communities. He emphasises that uniFi+ and library technology such as selfCheck and open+ are essential tools for libraries to combine these worlds. 

Bibliotheca’s complete ecosystem helps libraries increase efficiency, improve user experience, expand access, and provide effective marketing. By using self-service solutions and library management tools, libraries can automate processes, free up staff time to enhance their services, and help libraries function as the hubs of their communities.  


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