Hybrid Technology

What is hybrid library technology?

Tattle-Tape Electromagnetic (EM) technology is certainly the best choice to protect valuable items in libraries. However, when prioritizing efficient materials handling within libraries, RFID is ideal. For libraries that are looking for the ultimate in security and efficiency, creating a hybrid approach is the perfect solution. Additionally, libraries already using EM but planning to add RFID technology in their circulation process can slowly migrate over time.

Why choose bibliotheca hybrid library solutions?

bibliotheca’s hybrid solutions combine both RFID and EM technology without compromising on accuracy and efficiency. If a library plans to move to RFID in the future but doesn’t intend on converting its entire collection at once, using hybrid technology can be helpful.

What type of libraries use hybrid solutions?

The most common libraries that use bibliotheca hybrid solutions around the world are those with the following goals and characteristics.  

  • Libraries who intend to move to RFID over time, but currently have Tattle-Tape or EM items
  • Libraries who want to use RFID for item identification but continue using Tattle-Tape strips for ultimate security
  • Libraries interested in improving the workflow and movement of materials
  • Libraries looking to improve the overall customer experience
In addition to hybrid solutions, bibliotheca also offers both RFID and Electromagnetic (EM) technology systems. 
Hybrid library solutions that work best together
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Library supplies & accessories

We offer a range of both RFID tags and Tattle Tape security strips and accessories for libraries to keep their collections secure.

selfcheck 500 desktop
hybrid selfCheck 1000

Elegant design, crafted with purpose

Our hybrid selfCheck 1000 kiosk accurately process library items with it’s ‘open V’ design. This design uses gravity to place items into the optimum position for deactivation, assuring first-time user success. When using Electromagnetic (EM) technology, users need to process one book, magazine, CD or DVD at a time.

hybrid workstation™

bibliotheca hybrid workstation

Improve workflow efficiency and ergonomics

This timesaving workstation combines item identification and security into a single operation. With its flexible design for improved ergonomics, the workstation improves efficiency and increases productivity by processing both barcodes and RFID tags at checkout and return. The workstation can also perform barcode-to-RFID conversions for new acquisitions and smaller scale collections.

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