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Coronado Public Library: Unlimited Entertainment with cloudLibrary streaming video

A small resort city just across the bay from San Diego, Coronado, California has long enjoyed a storied connection to the film industry. The city has been the location for many television shows and movies, including the iconic Some Like it Hot and is the host of the annual Coronado Island Film Festival.

Every year, Coronado invites visitors from around the world to celebrate the magical art of visual storytelling by screening more than 80 films from a diverse selection of genres, from independent films to Oscar nominees. Now, Coronado Public Library continues the city’s long tradition of championing film by being among the first to offer patrons unlimited streaming with cloudLibrary streaming video.

“Though Coronado itself is small, our library also serves many users from across the entire San Diego area,” says Shaun Briley, Library Director. “We work hard to be a regional hub for what we like to call ‘intellectual recreation,’ and we place a big emphasis on programming because that is the direction, we see libraries going. We already bring in film experts to break down movies according to artistic technique and partner with PBS to screen select documentaries before they go live. The unlimited, simultaneous streaming offered via cloudLibrary opens up a plethora of possibilities for additional programming such as book/movie tie-ins and monthly discussions about featured films, and we are thrilled to be the first in California to offer it.”

cloudLibrary streaming video, Bibliotheca’s market-disrupting new streaming service, partners with libraries to provide communities with unlimited access to an exciting, ad-free catalogue of groundbreaking film and captivating television. The platform was built from the ground up to deliver the highest-quality streaming experience on all devices. Unlike traditional pay-per-use streaming services, the pricing model allows libraries to offer their patrons unlimited, simultaneous streaming of its entire catalogue for one price, eliminating overage costs and usage limits.

“We wanted to offer more streaming content to our users. Our existing streaming offering only appeals to a very select market,” says Briley. “We asked ourselves what people want to see, what they expect to have. The demand for high-quality video is just getting bigger and bigger, and we wanted to broaden our collection without having the top five titles eat up all of the budget.”

The ever-growing streaming video catalogue includes a diverse collection of award-winning entertainment curated into exciting lists designed to delight library members of all kinds. Librarians can customize the titles with their very own curated Librarian Recommendations list to appear at the top of the homepage.

Marketing is easy with a monthly toolkit that provides a programming overview for each month, including curation based on themes, trending topics, holidays, and current events. The kit includes social graphics for each highlighted title, making it easy for libraries to promote the service on their channels.

“I was very excited when I heard about the streaming video offering. It’s just what we were looking for,” says Briley. “People want to turn on the TV or pick up a device and have an app right there – that’s the way entertainment is going. This is the only product of its kind at this time. It’s unique, and being one of the first to offer it is something we’re eager to shout about to draw people into our library.”

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