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A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: Inside Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

In a world where people have grown accustomed to quick, intuitive, and personalized experiences, even libraries’ traditionally serene and quiet domains have felt the waves toward modernization. A shining example of this transformation facilitated by Bibliotheca’s solutions can be seen in Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL).

Opened in 2022, this architectural masterpiece, spanning 66,000 square-meters, houses over 1.5 million print and digital books and a database containing over 21 million titles and videos. Founded as a response to the National Year of Reading, MBRL was the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

It’s the union between tradition and technology, culture and convenience. As the rest of Dubai glitters with towering skyscrapers and luxury malls, this library stands as a cultural hub, attracting those who seek knowledge and tranquility.



A Cultural Landmark

Shaped like the rehl, the traditional book rest for the Holy Quran, its collection features rare manuscripts and first editions of great literary works, some dating back to the 13th century. The library overlooks Dubai Creek in Al Jaddaf, a natural saltwater brook in the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. 

With seven stories, MBRL aims to become the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s most extensive library, with a mission to preserve Arabic literature, culture, and heritage. 

The library’s collection, which is still growing, includes six million dissertations, 73,000 musical scores, 75,000 videos, and over 5,000 historical periodicals spanning 325 years.

An entire library dedicated to the United Arab Emirates showcases the country’s literary treasures. At the same time, the Treasures section on the seventh floor is a museum-like space displaying the richness of diverse cultures.

This community center, with 200 annual events and performances planned, aims to provide an alternative to the commercial attractions in Dubai, promoting literary engagement and cultural depth.



Print and digital books


Square-meter space


Titles and videos

Blending Tradition with Tech

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Dubai is an exemplary combination of traditional literary offerings with technology. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the technology used to provide the ultimate accessibility, efficiency, security, and user experience:

Digital Collection 

Alongside traditional print materials, the library houses a vast collection of digital titles. Visitors can access thousands of downloadable ebooks and multilingual digital books through a database containing over 21 million titles and videos.

Auto Book Store

One of the standout features of this library is the subterranean Auto Book Store, home to over 400,000 titles that are not stored on the library’s regular bookshelves. Members can request a book via the library’s app, and the request is sent to a team of robots. These robots instantly search, sort, and deliver the requested title to a human operator, who then sends it on a mini roller coaster to the waiting reader. This automated process offers a modern and efficient means of managing a vast collection. 

Accessibility Technology

For visually impaired readers, the library offers braille books and quiet reading pods for visitors with special needs. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that all patrons can enjoy the library’s resources equally. And further underscoring the library’s commitment to accessibility.  

The image shows a man on a chairwheel in the library. For visually impaired readers, the library offers braille books as well as quiet reading pods for visitors with special needs. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that all patrons can equally enjoy the library's resources. And further underscoring the library’s commitment to accessibility.
Children’s Technology

The children’s library section features interactive elements like storytelling robots, digital reading nooks, and iPads. These technologies are integrated to engage younger readers and make learning fun.

Database Access

With a vast database that includes more than six million dissertations, 73,000 musical scores, 75,000 videos, and various international journals, the library’s technological backbone supports extensive research and exploration. 

Future Integration

Though specific details are not currently available, blending tradition and tech in the library and its ongoing development does signal the future incorporation of other digital tools and services. These could involve further automation, augmented reality experiences, or more tailored digital experiences for visitors. 


Diverse Collections, Digital Convergence

Every collection caters to a different facet of knowledge, from the General Library to the Young Adult Library, from the Information Centre to the Business Library.  

The library’s digital ecosystem boasts impressive resources, including ebooks, audiobooks, multimedia files, and streaming media. It also hints at multimedia rooms with technology to enable various digital learning experiences. 

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library comprises ten main library collections: 

  • The General Library
  • Young Adult Library
  • Children’s Library
  • Information Centre
  • Map and Atlas Library
  • Media and Arts Library
  • Business Library
  • Emirates Library
  • Periodicals Library and a Special Collections Library 

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is an inviting and inspiring space that, like the city itself, blends the best of the old with the new. Just as libraries must adapt to modern expectations, it exemplifies this evolution—transforming from a repository of books to a beacon of wisdom and inspiration. 

If you’re in Dubai, step away from the mall for an hour or two and indulge in literary stimulation.


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