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Amazonas State University: The first library in the North Region of Brazil to undertake a modernization project

Since 2017, UEA has been using Bibliotheca’s solutions, and is now expanding to inland campuses. The main objective for library management is simplified processes, allowing the team to focus on management processes and ensuring the security of their collections.

UEA was the first university in Amazonas to use self-service and is the institution with the largest number of libraries with Bibliotheca technology in the Amazonas.

When we approached the safe reopening of libraries, we knew that libraries had to rethink their workflows to ensure greater security for users and staff. Therefore, minimizing contact between materials, patrons and staff in the loan and returning process ensures more security for everyone. Once again UEA takes the lead, with biosecurity protocols and investments that will allow their communities to have safe and modern access.

Staff benefits:

Decreased book loan time, as this operation can be performed by the user himself in self-service equipment, resulting in autonomy, satisfaction, and security for library patrons;

  • Assurance that only materials that were borrowed and registered in the system will leave the library;
  • A better use of the time for library professionals, as they can dedicate themselves to managerial and intellectual tasks that the profession requires.
  • Regarding safe reopening, technology brings more security to the staff, reducing contact with visitors

Patrons Benefits:

  • Patrons’ autonomy in the search for information directly in the collection, allowing a better analysis of the work according to their informational needs at that moment;
  • With the library opening, the student has autonomy in the choice of materials, reflecting on the use of materials never offered before, noting an environment conducive to the participation of the academic community;
  • Regarding safe re-opening, Bibliotheca’s technology brings more security to the user, eliminating the contact of intermediaries with the materials.

Watch below the full Leadership interview from the Amazonas State University and discover how Bibliotheca solutions helped in the evolution of the institution’s library. Discover Parintins’ success story.


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