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UEA Parintins Library: A public institution nestled in the heart of the Amazon

Parintins is a unique place: an island, in the middle of the largest tropical forest in the world. It’s 20 hours by boat from Manaus and they’re able to export culture and receive technology.

The library of the Amazonas State University – UEA – in Parintins, welcomed the future of library technology investing in a complete Bibliotheca solution when thinking about a safe reopening. This simplified the processes and allowed the team to focus on managerial activities, in addition to ensuring the security of the collection.

The Amazonas State University (UEA) is a public university, which began its academic activities on August 3, 2003.

Its mission is to promote education, build scientific knowledge and foster technological innovation to meet the local demands and integrate seamlessness with their Community in order to overcome the challenge of developing the Amazon sustainability.

Self-service technology was implemented in Manaus in 2017 and currently, all units in the capital already have an integrated anti-theft solution that allows access to shelves and students are now able to make loans independently. The expansion process to develop units for the rural Community  in the Amazonas began in December 2020.

“We are the first library in the North Region to implement this modernization project, which is why we are a reference in patron service. All of this was developed to provide freedom of research and knowledge creation. The premise for introducing projects in the SIB units was born from the imminent need to give freedom to the student”, points out the director of the SIB/UEA, Jeane Macelino.

Bibliotheca technology working in the middle of the biggest tropical forest on the planet just proves that the future has arrived and we can transform libraries today!

Check out the video of this success story below:

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