Library staff tools designed to maximize efficiency so you can concentrate on meaningful interactions with users

How can bibliotheca staff solutions improve your workflow?

Configure equipment and create reports from a central location
Quickly take inventory and manage large library collections
Easily assist library users with their circulation activites
Program library materials if converting from EM to RFID

Central management solutions designed to save libraries time and effort

  • Manage your library equipment with ease. Meet libraryConnect devices

    libraryConnect devices provide a central platform that allows libraries to access and configure bibliotheca equipment across multiple library branches from the ease of an online location. Efficiently configure multiple devices across many locations, pull aggregated monthly reports and analyze the usage of your library to make better data-informed decisions.
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  • Why use libraryConnect devices?

    • save staff time and work efficiently
    • configure library devices remotely and synchronise settings
    • view status and reports on library devices
    • configure and manage flex AMH with an integrated visualiser
    • pull monthly management reports to better understand the use of your library
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Take inventory of your collection in a fraction of the time with RFID

Wireless inventory + collection management
Our RFID enabled mobile inventory devices turn library shelf-reading, shelving, sorting, searching, weeding and exception-finding into simple tasks. Increase library staff productivity and manage your collection quickly - no stooping required.
mobile DLA
Mobile inventory
Our mobile inventory device operates in conjunction with a tablet or PC and has a powerful “Boost-Mode” allowing for enhanced detection of thin items
  1. Lightweight and ergonomic design
  2. Long-lasting battery life
  3. Allows staff to easily read data and collect information
  4. Audible and LED alerts
  5. Uploads data via a wireless network
mobile DLA
mobile DLA
Our mobile DLA allows your staff to complete inventory tasks quickly and efficiently, having a solution in the palm of their hand. This allows staff to search for items quickly and easily, with minimal effort.
  1. Integrated touch screen
  2. Powerful “Boost-Mode” allows for enhanced detection of thin items
  3. Lightweight and ergonomic design
  4. Long-lasting battery life
  5. Allows staff to easily read data and collect information
  6. Audible and LED alerts
  7. Update item security
mobile DLA
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Library workstations to meet a wide range of needs

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With our RFID workstations, staff can process multiple items at once, gaining the highest level of workflow efficiency
When using RFID, our workstations communicate directly with the ILS to update user records
Our Tattle-Tape™ workstations desensitise materials while providing the highest level of security
Hybrid workstations are perfect for libraries who are converting their collection or utilising both technologies

Simplify library staff workflow

Designed for both the initial processing of your collection and day-to-day staff circulation tasks, our RFID library solutions empower your staff to complete transactions as quickly, efficiently and conveniently as possible.

stafftools workstation UHF / RFID

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