Library solutions that connect, engage and evolve​
Self-service is only easy if it’s convenient
Our selfCheck range empowers users with intuitive and engaging self-service experiences that encourage interaction and drive library awareness.
mother and daughter at selfcheck kiosk
flex AMH automated materials handling
Flexible automated return + sorting solution designed specifically for library users
With any combination imaginable, flex AMH is the maximum time saver, delivering efficient library workflows that keep your circulation moving and allow your staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.
cloudLibrary eReader apps content
Get more from your digital collection
Boasting the best cross-platform user experience, cloudLibrary offers intuitive browsing, downloading, reading, and listening, and is the only digital library platform that can integrate seamlessly with self-service kiosks and discovery stations inside your library.
Extend hours and access with open+
Complement your core staffed hours with our comprehensive solution designed to provide libraries with the flexibility to open at any hour of the day.
open+ extend library opening hours
patron returning books remoteLocker
Meet your users where they are
Requiring only shelter, electricity and an Internet connection, the remoteLocker expands the reach of libraries far beyond a physical branch. An intuitive, modular holds and returns solution like no other, the remoteLocker can be configured for any space.
Protect your valuable assets
Our detection systems combine flexibility and style with state-of-the-art technology to provide superior security and reliability for libraries. Offering the widest aisle entrances in the industry, bibliotheca gates ensure your collection is safe, and your library is accessible for all.
Tattle Tape gate clear
libraryConnect support for librarians
Everything in one place
Easily configure library equipment, view current status and review detailed aggregate reports across multiple libraries from one central location with libraryConnect devices.
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Who we serve

staff and patrons in a library
Public libraries
bibliotheca understands that every touchpoint builds on the reputation of your library.

In order to align the public library service in support of community goals, libraries must be intentional in the way they maximize their staff and resources. This will require a level of flexibility and adaptability to change as community needs change.

Our mission is to help you transform your library and increase your impact, ensuring the library remains at the heart of its community.
teenagers high fiveing
Academic libraries
Academic libraries provide safe, welcoming and creative spaces that support the wider sharing of knowledge. They allow students to discover information, access the latest in technology and collaborate with peers during quick group meetings and late-night study sessions.

Our library solutions, designed specifically for libraries, offer innovative 24/7 self-service options, keep valuable materials secure and make it easy for staff to manage large collections – creating libraries that are not only welcoming, but also information rich and easily accessible for all.
library business meeting
Special libraries
Unique libraries and museums are valuable community resources, often providing access to information, materials and expertise that is unavailable elsewhere.

Our solutions allow the staff at special libraries to focus on the particular needs of their users - be that detailed inquiries or in depth research - while allowing users the freedom to enjoy self-service experiences and access digital eBooks and audiobooks.
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ACRL 2019 Cleveland event


IUG 2019 Phoenix event



Provide a connection between the library and its users, wherever they happen to be, expanding its reach within the community.



Encourage interaction with the library, in unique ways, that drives participation and enhances its overall importance.



Empower libraries to reinvent their offering and encourage lifelong learning today and well into the future.

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