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Why self-checkout is a game changer for libraries

Customer expectations have risen dramatically over the past three years. 87% of consumers now depend upon self-service checkout options, and demand for convenience, safety, and privacy is at an all-time high.

In order to meet modern expectations and remain relevant to today’s users, libraries must adopt service models that mirror patrons’ experiences outside the library. Self-service library checkout not only provides the convenience and privacy that modern users have come to expect but also offers ample opportunities to increase library efficiency, improve customer experience, reach new users, and future-proof library services.

With options for every kind of library technology (barcode, EM, RFID), Bibilotheca’s self-service library solutions offer unique features and capabilities that help libraries engage patrons, drive circulation, and integrate physical and digital library experiences.

Improve library service with self-checkout

Library self-checkout increases patron convenience and drastically reduces time spent standing in line to borrow materials at the circulation desk.

selfCheck, powered by quickConnect, offers a modern, intuitive self-service experience that’s easy and engaging for patrons of all ages and abilities. Library users simply scan their library cards and follow prompts to borrow materials, check account status, and even pay fines and fees. Onscreen notifications and recommendations promote library events and services and help readers find their next perfect title. In fact, through an exclusive agreement, Bibliotheca is the only vendor to offer NoveList Select at right at the selfCheck, making expert recommendations available to patrons when they need them. Available cloudLibrary integration allows patrons to discover and download digital titles right from the selfCheck machine. selfCheck kiosks are height-adjustable to offer easy access to children or patrons in wheelchairs and provide multiple language options so patrons can select the language with which they are most comfortable.


The Bibliotheca cloudCheck tablet, currently only available in North America, is an express solution designed to complement the selfCheck kiosks. It offers a simple, streamlined self-checkout experience for patrons on the go. The small solution features a three-step plug-and-play set up and is perfect for libraries looking for an affordable way to increase the number of service points in the library and offer multiple checkout stations throughout the building.

Improve library efficiency

By automating the borrowing process, libraries reduce the need for staff to handle routine transactions, freeing them to focus on more high-value activities. Self-service checkout gets staff out from behind the desk and into the library, where they can engage in meaningful interactions with patrons, provide high-quality programming, and help with special projects. Automated checkout also gives staff more time to reshelve returned materials so they can be recirculated.

Protect patron privacy

Though chatting with the local librarian while borrowing books appeals to some, not everyone is comfortable sharing their reading selections with library staff. Offering a self-service checkout option helps protect patron privacy and allows readers to explore difficult subjects without undue embarrassment. Young adults are particularly appreciative of self-checkout, and many libraries see an uptick in circulation when they install a self-service station in their teen section.

Furthermore, many patrons feel guilty about accruing late fees and lost item fines. Offering payment options at selfCheck eliminates embarrassment and makes it easier for patrons to keep their accounts in good standing.

Using self-checkout to increase library access and engagement

Bibliotheca’s self-service machines not only provide a stellar self-checkout experience but they’re also designed to integrate seamlessly with other Bibliotheca solutions to expand the reach and accessibility of the library.

selfCheck can be used with open+ access to extend library open hours and allow patrons to borrow materials around the clock — even when staff cannot be present. In addition, when paired with uniFi+, Bibliotheca’s library communications solution, selfCheck screens act as digital billboards, broadcasting important messages and promotions throughout the library.

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