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New! Architect’s Portfolio 

Libraries today are so much more than materials warehouses. Modern libraries are community hubs – centers of culture and inspiration that foster collaboration and learning. They incorporate modern technology into their design to create user-friendly spaces and elevated library experiences.   

Bibliotheca is pleased to introduce our new Architect’s Portfolio, designed to make it easier than ever for architects to find the files and resources they need to enhance library spaces with cutting-edge technology. Our Architects’ Portfolio contains architect-ready downloadable files for Bibliotheca solutions, including resources such as PDF overviews, DWG CAD files, and Revit RFA (Version 2021 onwards) files.  

Just complete a short form for access to files for self-checks, remote lockers, intelligent shelves, security gates, and flex AMH in one convenient location.

We also encourage you to watch our recent webinar with Professor Steffen Lehmann, Ph.D., of the University of Nevada’s School of Architecture, leader of the interdisciplinary Urban Futures Lab, and former UNESCO Chair-Holder for Sustainable Urban Development. This exclusive webinar uncovers how libraries have reinvented their architectural typology to meet the demands of changing times, embodying innovation in their physical and functional features.  

Explore the Architects’ Portfolio and watch the webinar to discover how libraries are meeting the changing needs of our time.