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cloudLibrary’s improved CAT experience

If you’re a Bibliotheca cloudLibrary customer, you may have noticed something new recently when logging into cloudLibrary’s Content Acquisition Tool (CAT). We’ve listened to customer feedback and completely revamped cloudLibrary’s backend to make CAT more modern, more efficient, and more fun to use.

Though more updates are on the horizon, the recently released CAT currently features a cleaner visual interface, improved workflows, the ability to submit a helpdesk ticket within the CAT tool and more options to help you manage your digital collection.

We’ve streamlined the buying process and reduced the steps required to purchase the titles you need. It’s now faster to find the titles you want and add them to the appropriate carts, making it easier for teams to work together to build the best digital collection.

Additionally, when you select a title, you’ll now find the information you need at a glance. Quickly see the relevant data for each title, all without the need to navigate away from your cart or run a report. More insight equals easier selection and purchase decisions.

We’ve also improved the patron shelf management process. With new options for configuration and customization, it’s now simpler than ever to build shelves, feature specific digital content, and drive circulation of your collection.

You’ll still have the option to manually select the legacy CAT, but we encourage you to explore all the new interface has to offer, as the legacy CAT will phase out in early 2023.


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