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Shanghai Library: A complete automation solution for Shanghai’s biggest new library

As one of the biggest libraries in China, the East Library of Shanghai Library needed an automated return and sorting solution that could service returns from its millions of patrons as well as sort and distribute materials to all other libraries.


The library installed a large automated materials handling system that incorporated multiple flex AMHs, bookDrops, bulkSeparators, and a large multi-floor transportation system.


The library’s advanced sorting center allows books from other libraries to be sorted to designated bins for easy, fast returns to their home library. Materials that belong at the East Library of Shanghai are automatically transported to the correct floor, making it much easier for staff to get them back on the shelves quickly.

One of the most advanced libraries in China, the East Library of Shanghai Library, officially opened on September 28, 2022. The 115,000 square meter library spans nine floors, seven above ground and two below, and offers nearly 6,000 seats to accommodate the thousands of lectures and academic activities planned each year.

As a global advocate of innovative library solutions, Bibliotheca is proud to have been involved in the design and construction of the advanced automation system of the new Shanghai Library East. Some of the automated solutions the library implemented include:

Auto return and sorting support (LAMH)

SHPL installed multiple bookDrops and flex AMH return windows inside and outside of the library to meet the demand of millions of patrons. The bulkSeparator system and transportation system handles a large volume of materials sorting easily and efficiently. The modular flex system is fully customizable, allowing libraries to design a solution that works best within their space to increase staff efficiency while providing a convenient, seamless experience for patrons.

RFID Premium Gate

The RFID premium gate system protects valuable library resources while blending seamlessly with the overall library aesthetic.  The extra wide access aisles increase convenience and accessibility for all patrons including those in wheelchairs, pushing strollers, or traveling in large groups.

selfCheck 1000

The East Library of Shanghai Library installed 19 selfCheck 1000 kiosks throughout the library and Children’s area. selfCheck 1000 features a clean, modern look, adjustable height, intuitive software, and multiple language options to improve the self-service library experience for all patrons.


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