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Expanding Library Accessibility

Libraries exist to serve their communities, promote intellectual growth, and foster connection. But to do that, libraries must be accessible to all. Library accessibility is not limited to ensuring easy access to physical library spaces.

Truly accessible libraries break down barriers to provide engaging, inclusive experiences that enrich the lives of all patrons, both inside and outside the library building.

Bibliotheca believes that all people deserve increased access to their library’s resources. We’re here to make it easier, creating inclusive technology that caters to the diverse needs of communities worldwide. 

Breaking down barriers with inclusive solutions

Bibliotheca solutions are available in a range of languages and consider various aspects, such as product dimensions, personalization options, and intuitive user interfaces that improve the library experience for all.

From height-adjustable self-check solutions with market-leading text-to-voice features to holds pick-up lockers that provide around-the-clock access to materials, our products are built with accessibility in mind.

Our digital platforms and extended access solutions such as open+ help libraries overcome the limitations of traditional hours and reach beyond their walls to engage patrons who’d otherwise go unserved.

Tailored Solutions for Every Library

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of each library, regardless of size, location, or budget. From large urban systems to small rural branches, Bibliotheca is committed to helping libraries everywhere foster equity, empower marginalized patrons, and improve the lives of their communities.

Learn more about solutions designed to improve accessibility in your library.


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