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Exploring the selfCheck 3000: Bibliotheca Newest Library Self-Service

Get ready to discover the latest in premium library self-service!

The new selfCheck 3000 is the culmination of more than 30 years of library technology experience and customer feedback. It builds on the market-leading capabilities of previous generations, adding functions and features to improve usability, serviceability, and customer experience.

Designed to delight

The new selfCheck 3000 is beautiful, intuitive, and designed to elevate the experience of your library self-service. The brilliant touchscreen display can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation and features the newly designed quickConnect software user interface with clean, modern icons, graphics, and animations. Harmonize with the aesthetic of your unique space by adding your library’s logo and choosing your favorite theme and colors.

The kiosk’s large glass shelf accommodates patron items and prevents the inconvenience of juggling materials. An additional side shelf is also available to provide patrons additional space for large orders.

Industry-leading library self-service software

Drive engagement and circulation. Easy, modern templates make it simple to promote collections and services on the selfCheck screen.

Take advantage of Bibliotheca’s exclusive partnership with NoveList to help patrons find their next great read, and offer digital titles right at checkout. By pairing with uniFi+, Bibliotheca’s innovative library communications solution, the selfCheck 3000 can also be used as an attention-grabbing digital display to broadcast important information or advertise upcoming library events.

The intuitive quickConnect software makes borrowing and returning items a breeze for patrons of all ages. Lights, text, animation, and sound work together to guide even the most technology-challenged patrons through the self-service experience.

Meanwhile, the System Manager makes back-end tasks simple for staff. Easily edit brand and workflow, preview receipts, change LED colors, and more. An optional libraryConnect LINK subscription allows you to configure all of your selfChecks and other Bibliotheca equipment remotely, as well as view aggregated reports and health status alerts.

Customization + accessibility for all

It’s easy to make the selfCheck 3000 your own. From model type (desktop or kiosk) to equipment color, you can design the library self-service experience that suits you best.  

Optional features such as the height-adjustable stand, a headphone jack for use with text-to-voice features, and a physical keyboard empower impaired patrons and make self-service accessible to all.

Allow your patrons to personalize their self-service experience and choose the language and font size that meets their needs.

Modular means a library self-service future-proof

The new selfCheck 3000 is modular, allowing you to adjust as your needs change without investing in an entirely new solution.

Turn a desktop model into a kiosk by adding a stand. Add a payment pod for private transactions at checkout. Offer returns at the kiosk with integrated bins.

Every inch of the new selfCheck 3000 has been designed with intention and innovation to meet your library’s needs today and tomorrow.


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