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Tattle-Tape gates provide canvas for student talent. Read more.

Willis independant school district
Willis High School Library was looking for a way to engage students in a library technology project and give them ownership of their school library.
The Technology Instructor enlisted students’ help to design and install custom graphic wraps on the library’s new Tattle-Tape gates.
Students gained real-life experience with CAD designing, printing, and installation. Better yet, the will gates serve as a lasting testimony to student talent for years to come.

Published: March 2018

Having recently worked with Bibliotheca to install new Tattle-Tape gates in the Willis High School library, Technology Instructor, Shawn Lane, saw an opportunity to engage students in a unique library project. Lane wanted to create unique, student-lead designs for Tattle-Tape gate’s customizable graphic panels. Tasking a CAD design class to create the artwork, students managed the project from start to finish, working through real-life proofing, printing and installation. Now, the library‘s entrance celebrates the work of talented students for years to come with the help from Tattle-Tape gate and the unique vision of Lane.

An amazing company with the best customer service and follow up. From sales, to service and installation, a Class Act!

More information about Willis High School
With a circulation of 5,939 and a collection size of 18,557, the 2,200 students understand that the small, but mighty library is the heart of the school. With support of nine student library assistants, Shawn promotes creating a friendly and welcoming environment that is tailored to the needs and wants of students.


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