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Equitable Access + Library Safety

As one of the only free, public resources, libraries exist to serve their communities by offering extensive physical and digital collections, educational programming, public PCs, Internet access, and hospitable gathering spaces. However, due to budget and staffing constraints, many libraries find themselves able to provide these services to only a fraction of their community – those whose schedules allow them to visit the library during what are often limited opening hours.

By prioritising equitable access, Bibliotheca solutions allow libraries to serve more people. Libraries can reach community members who would otherwise have little to no access to critical library resources while simultaneously offering stellar in-library communication and relevant data that provides guidance for future library decisions.

At the very core of providing access for all lies a comprehensive technological solution that allows libraries to offer extended unstaffed morning or evening hours. open+ access allows libraries to meet the needs of shift workers, students and others that cannot visit the library during traditionally staffed times. Additionally, libraries can offer visitors an easy way to book library time, spaces or services during staffed or unstaffed hours using an add-on feature called open+ reserve.

To help libraries who need to comply with social distancing requirements, the Bibliotheca ecosystem introduces open+ count to anonymously count people throughout the library. open+ count can communicate with transformativeLibrary digital displays to broadcast real-time library occupancy. Beyond occupancy awareness, libraries can make data-driven decisions about future library use by analysing insights about library traffic patterns and space usage.

While providing more equitable access to library members, it is important to ensure patron safety by providing relevant and instructive information to those in the library. With transformativeLibrary, Bibliotheca helps libraries cast meaningful content to digital displays throughout the building as well as to idle selfCheck and Public PC screens. This access and communication technology ecosystem extends your reach and ensures your staff are communicating as effectively as possible, with minimal effort, even when they are not present in the library.

Emerging from the pandemic, libraries will need to serve more people, meet new challenges, and exceed the expectations of modern library visitors to remain relevant within their communities. Partnering with Bibliotheca provides you with a technology platform that can revolutionise library experiences today, while future-proofing spaces, services and collections for years to come.


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