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Library Communications and Covid: Information as Safety

Communicating with library visitors has always been challenging, but in the wake of Covid, it’s more important than ever. As the waves of the pandemic ebb and flow, safety guidance and regulations are constantly changing, and these changes need to be communicated efficiently and effectively.

Many libraries are still depending upon paper signage to inform visitors about updated policies. Unfortunately, posters and flyers only go so far – they’re easily overlooked and just as quickly outdated. Updating and replacing safety messages, not to mention all other library information, is time-consuming and laborious.

Digital signage is much more effective, but only if visitors see the sign. Installing digital screens in every area of the library can be a tall order, particularly for large libraries.

Thankfully, there is a better way. uniFi+ allows you to create and disseminate engaging library communications via our ready-made templates to every screen in your library with just a few clicks. Broadcast important safety information, Wi-Fi passwords, upcoming events, and more to public PCs, selfCheck kiosks, TVs, digital signs, and even remoteLocker screens.

Schedule messages to appear at specific times on particular screens or broadcast a rotation of information across every screen in your library system. Best of all, staff can change the messaging in just minutes from one online hub. uniFi+ also integrates seamlessly with other Bibliotheca solutions such as open+ to communicate important information about occupancy or open hours even when staff is not on-site.

Integrating your library communications allows you to get the right message to the right visitor at the right time, all while promoting your library brand. No more missed opportunities to spread the word about exciting library programs or critical safety updates.

Discover all uniFi+ has to offer and elevate your library communications


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