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4 features in cloudLibrary’s Cirrus reader you don’t want to miss

The Bibliotheca team continually partners with libraries to ensure the cloudLibrary app does all it can to create an integrated, exciting, and helpful experience for all users. We’re excited to share updates to the new cloudLibrary Cirrus eBook reader that takes digital reading to the next level.

1. Scroll Mode

Scroll mode allows readers to continuous scroll instead of flipping pages. Scroll mode is perfect for native digital users accustomed to reading articles on devices. Vertical navigation offers a seamless, smooth reading experience and users can jump to the beginning of a chapter by swiping side-to-side.

2. ePub 3 Support for Interactive Children’s Books:

In landscape mode, you can now read books in a two-page spread on phones and tablets. The two-page landscape spread is perfect for picture books and creates an immersive experience for young readers. Interactive readalongs highlight words as they are read, increasing literacy. The ability to start and stop page auto-turn ensures that the young readers can take just as much time as they like with each page.

3. Personalized reading experience

Customize margins, line height, and word and letter spacing creates unique and personal reading experiences. Settings save across books, so you’re always ready to read. Change your mind? It’s easy to change individual settings or revert to the publisher’s default. Enhanced night and sepia viewing options help readers adjust to their surroundings and create a reading experience that matches their preferences.

4. Choose your own font

Select from among six available fonts, including Open Dyslexic and Large Font. These options increase accessibility for dyslexic readers and those that are visually impaired. The enhancements to the cloudLibrary Cirrus eBook reader represents the latest in Bibliotheca’s continued investment in digital content. We are constantly advancing library technology to make sure we’re ready to support future digital development and content types as user expectations evolve.

Learn how you can share titles with other libraries by downloading the new cloudLibrary brochure.

Download cloudLibrary Brochure

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