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Evolve your in-library communication with uniFi+

Do you spend a long time creating your library communications?

With uniFi+, you can share meaningful content to digital displays throughout your library with minimal effort.

Specifically designed for libraries, uniFi+ enables content to be pushed to numerous screens across all your branches while giving each branch the freedom to add customized content for its users.

Easy-to-use templates and multi-screen functionality make sharing important information and promoting programs across your library’s screens simple. You can also maximize the use of all your idle screens on public PCs, Bibliotheca’s selfChecks, and remoteLockers to prominently display your message.

Engage users with in-library digital displays that inform, educate, and delight. Make the most of the power your library screens can offer, and don’t miss your opportunity to communicate.

Watch the video below to learn about uniFi+.

Talk to our team to discover the fast and easy way to get your patrons’ attention.


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