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November 2, 2021

Integrated library communications now available globally with uniFi+ 

Bibliotheca has announced that its Integrated library communication distribution platform, uniFi+, first released in Scandinavia in 2019, is now available to libraries worldwide.

Unlike traditional digital signage, uniFi+ uniquely integrates with public PCs, Bibliotheca selfChecks, remoteLockers, and other solutions to enrich communications inside and outside the library walls. Developed specifically for libraries, uniFi+ allows content to be pushed to multiple screens across multiple branches while still allowing branches the autonomy to add specialized content for their users.

“Integrated Library communication is extremely important and historically, difficult to do well,” says Oliver Martin, Bibliotheca Chief Product Officer. “uniFi+ solves this problem by offering libraries an easy, engaging way to share information, resources, and critical communications throughout their entire library. Whether broadcasting to patrons at checkout or offering wayfinding stations throughout the building, uniFi+ allows libraries to get the right message to the right visitor, at the right time.”

uniFi+ supports multiple kinds of content, including video, wayfinding, and interactive displays for library polls, quizzes, and educational stations. Content can be easily changed, scheduled, and distributed from the online platform. Customizable templates make it easy for busy library staff to create and broadcast communications within minutes.

“Customers in the Nordic region have been using this technology for some time, and we are thrilled to now be able to offer it worldwide,” says Martin. “The role of libraries is evolving rapidly – they are tasked with creating engaging spaces and communications that cut through the everyday noise. uniFi+ represents Bibliotheca’s latest commitment to help libraries do just that.”

About Bibliotheca

Bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and library management solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. Bibliotheca reimagines how libraries function, using integrated technology  to inspire and delight all kinds of people, wherever they are: at home, on the move, or within the library walls.

Bibliotheca employs 400 people across 21 countries, partnering with 30,000 libraries to make the library experience—physical and digital—seamless, intuitive, and inclusive.

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