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Meet the new DLA inventoryWand

For years, Bibliotheca’s Mobile DLA software has been the gold standard for inventory management. Now, we’ve paired this same best-in-class software with best-in-class RFID hardware to bring libraries a powerful new mobile inventory tool on a future-proof platform.

The reengineered DLA inventoryWand combines a powerful, wireless RFID wand with a separate, Android-based tablet. The new wand is more durable and efficient, featuring a more powerful antenna as well as Boost Mode which allows it to read RFID tags in spots that have traditionally been difficult, such as against metal at the end of shelves.

Bibliotheca’s staffConnect DLA software in conjunction with Bibliotheca staffConnect data software, make it easy to perform several functions at once. Find missing items, easily identify and reshelve misshelved materials, locate holds, scan inventory, and even reset security all in one pass. Visual and auditory alerts let you know when an item has been found with items identified by name. With twice the battery life of the previous Mobile DLA and an easy-to-use ergonomic design, the DLA inventoryWand lets you stay in the stacks as long as you need, while a scan rate of 20 items per second ensures you get the job done as quickly as possible.

Start actively managing your library collection today with the new, state-of-the-art DLA inventoryWand. Save staff time and keep your shelves in perfect order so users can find what they need easily.

Download the DLA inventoryWand product flyer to learn more about the benefits.


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