Combined Shape

ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition 2022

After a two-year conference hiatus, Bibliotheca is bringing a host of new experiences to this year’s American Library Association (ALA) Conference in Washington DC, June 23-28. The completely redesigned booth will feature the entire ecosystem of Bibliotheca products, including the brand-new remoteLocker outdoor, biblio+ unlimited streaming entertainment service, and uniFi+ a digital library information distribution platform.

Visitors to booth 3225 will be treated to an immersive virtual library experience that makes it easier than ever to imagine what a library can be. This virtual library tour allows participants to walk through a virtual library to experience first-hand how Bibliotheca’s integrated solutions work together to provide a modern, efficient, and integrated library experience.

“This virtual tour allows library staff to interact with the various solutions and experience the power of our integrated eco-system,” says Oliver Martin, Chief Strategy Officer. “We are thrilled to be able offer visitors an opportunity to see these cutting-edge solutions in action and imagine what is possible in their own libraries.”

ALA attendees will also have the opportunity get a glimpse of Bibliotheca’s development roadmap and sustainability initiatives. The booth will offer visitors a sneak-peak at the next-generation sustainable selfCheck kiosk, currently under development.

“Bibliotheca is committed to engineering sustainable solutions that support the circular economy and meet our responsibility to our customers and our planet,” says Oliver Martin. “Far beyond just sourcing sustainable materials from vendors, we are invested in building solutions that provide libraries and their patrons with an exceptional experience while maintaining climate responsibility at their core.”


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