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We offer a range of library self-service options to meet every need

We offer a range of library self-service options to meet every need

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Our entire selfCheck line is powered by quickConnect software, offering an unmatched user experience that simplifies the self-checkout process while encouraging deeper engagement with libraries and collections. From time-saving options such as self-payment for users to easy-to-replace receipt paper for staff, we’ve thought of every detail to create the best overall experience. Available in freestanding, desktop or built-in versions, we have solutions that work with barcode, RFID or EM technologies, offering the ideal self-service experience for any library.

selfcheck 500 desktop
bibliotheca selfCheck 500

Offered in our most compact footprint, the selfCheck 500 goes beyond the basic library borrow, return and account functionality to deliver an engaging user experience at an economical price point. Available in a free-standing or desktop designs, libraries can choose the best way to offer self-service in their unique space.

  1. Small footprint saves valuable library space
  2. Can process both RFID and barcoded library collections
  3. With RFID users can process multiple items at one time
  4. Seamless integration of physical and digital collections
  5. Stunning display of library events and programmes
  6. Pay fines & fess with credit & debit cards
bibliotheca selfcheck 1000
Offering the most ergonomic, user-friendly experience, the selfCheck 1000 was designed to maximise the day-to-day productivity of a library, while promoting the activities and programmes available within your library. With a 22-inch portrait screen, the selfCheck 1000 maximises library marketing efforts and user experience, while LED lighting guides users through the self-service process. Many optional add-on features allow libraries to mix and match, creating the perfect selfCheck for their library.
selfCheck 1000 kiosk

bibliotheca selfcheck 1000 options

  1. Process multiple items at one time with RFID
  2. Pay library fines and fees with integrated coin, cash and card payment options
  3. Side-mounted bin allows users to check items in and quickly return them at the kiosk
  4. Height adjustability gives users the flexibility to adjust the entire kiosk every time
  5. Bold colours and eye-catching graphic wraps draw attention and gain awareness
  6. Available for RFID, EM, barcode, or hybrid library collections
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Built-in selfCheck solution
We provide library selfCheck components that can be integrated within almost any piece of furniture to create a completely unique selfCheck experience. Match the look and feel of your library while allowing users to quickly process multiple items at one time (using RFID), manage their accounts, receive a record of all their transactions, and even unlock media cases and process card payments.
  1. Provide a unique self-service experience
  2. Process multiple items at one time with RFID
  3. Securely process Tattle-Tape strips with the hybrid selfCheck components
  4. Available for RFID, EM, barcode, or hybrid collections
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accept all forms of payment

No matter what your library fine and fee needs are, our range of selfCheck solutions can accept credit and debit cards, cash and coin and the increasingly popular contactless payments. Our range of selfChecks take these needs into consideration when being developed to ensure we help provide library users with the best overall library user experience.

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Learn from libraries who benefit from bibliotheca self-service

quickConnect delivers the best experience for library users

bibliotheca quickConnect
Our intuitive self-service software has been designed specifically for library users, from the ground up. quickConnect delivers an engaging experience for users of all ages and abilities – making borrowing and returning library items a breeze.
drive attendance to programs and events
Drive attendance to programs and events
Build awareness of your programs and services, increase your marketing efforts and drive engagement. Schedule promotions for a more targeted marketing approach.
customize your library’s self-service experience
Customise your library’s self-service experience
With an easy-to-use editor, quickly create the best workflow for your users and match your library brand by adding a background image, changing colours, fonts and buttons.
promote your digital collection at the selfcheck
Promote your digital collection at the selfcheck
Deliver your cloudLibrary digital collection to users right at the selfCheck. Suggested reads and similar titles are attractively presented and can be immediately added to the user’s digital shelf.
adapt promotions with easy-to-use templates
Adapt promotions with easy-to-use templates
Easily edit and create visually appealing library promotions in minutes using our Photoshop and PowerPoint template files.
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Convenient library holds pick-up with remoteLocker

With remoteLocker, libraries can offer convenient holds pick-up and return access for their users. Many libraries utilise a space in their lobby for extended access or they partner with local organisations to extend the library footprint. 

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Toledo Lucas County Public Library
Ohio, United States

Catering to community members with non-traditional work hours, TLCPL provides 24/7 access to holds + returns in branch lobbies

Calgary Public Library
Alberta, Canada

Extending access to library users new and old by installing remoteLocker at a local, thriving YMCA

selfcheck 500 desktop
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Ishøj Bibliotek
Installed over 100 lockers outside the library entrance, so users can
access holds when the library closes, but nearby mall is still open
selfCheck 1000 kiosk

Stark County District Library
Ohio, United States

Welcome to the smart store! Located in a local mall, users can
browse and pickup held items, similar to a retail experience

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Lawrence Public Library
Kansas, United States
Partnered with a local bank and grocery story to fund and shelter their remoteLocker, located far across town from the library
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Edith Cowan University Library

ECU invests in technology that supports their physical collection, so library staff are free to help students with research needs

Tulsa City-County Library
Oklahoma, United States

Utilising remoteLocker in the lobby of their library for easy holds pick-up

selfcheck 500 desktop
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Self-service solutions

To find out which library self-service option is best for you, we've created a handy table for you to reference.

selfCheck 500
selfCheck 1000
hybrid selfCheck 1000
selfCheck components
hybrid selfCheck components
cloudLibrary checkout module on mobile screens
selfCheck 500selfCheck 1000hybrid selfCheck 1000selfCheck componentshybrid selfCheck componentscloudLibrary checkout modules
Build your own components
Desktop version available
Perform checkout on smartphone
TechnologyRFID | barcodeRFID | barcodeEM | RFID | barcodeRFID | barcodeEM | RFID | barcode barcode
22" screenLandscapePortraitPortraitLandscapeLandscape
Media case unlocker



Height adjustable
Guided LED experience
Integrated return bin
Graphic wrap + color options
Payments acceptedcard* | contactless** card* | contactless** | cash*card* | contactless** | cash*card* | contactless** | cash*card* | contactless** | cash*
Interactive receipts in cloudLibrary app
Fastlane security station if requiredEM | RFID

* not integrated | ** dependent on card payment solution